Raimon Land

Website Raimon Land Public Company Limited Raimon Land is the leading high-end real estate developer of Thailand. We are the first developer in the country to provide such levels of exclusivity for customers within the luxury and super-luxury segment, with numerous outstanding projects to its name. The company’s philosophy is [...]

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Website Sansiri PLC Sansiri is one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand offering a full range of housing units. Sansiri was founded in 1984 as the holding company to manage the assets of the Chutrakul family, before merging with the Lamsam family company in 1994. The company has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since [...]

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Website Noble Development Public Company Limited Noble Development Public Company Limited is a publicly listed property development company incorporated in Bangkok, Thailand. The company listed its shares on the stock exchange of Thailand in June 1997 (stock quote: NOBLE). The core businesses of the company are residential project development. Noble [...]

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Website Major Development Public Company Limited Major Development Public Company Limited was founded by the Poolvoralaks Family on July 14th, 1999 initial registered capital of Baht 1 million aimed to undertake property development business. Today, the Company was listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand (MJD- Property Sector) with fully paid [...]

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Website Ananda Development Public Company Limited Ananda Development Public Company Limited develops and sells various real estate projects in Thailand. It operates through Real Estate Development, Management of Real Estate Development Project, Construction Service, and Other segments. The company provides management services for real estate projects; house construction services; and [...]

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Website AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited conducts a property developing business; i.e., Townhouse, Single Detached House (SDH) and Condominium in the residential area or central business district with easy access transportation and design to match consumer’ needs of each group and area. The Company and [...]

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Land and Houses

Website Land and Houses The principal business of the Company is residential housing development, concentrating particulary on single detached houses. To date almost all the developments have been in the Greater Bangkok and its vicinities and in other major cities in Thailand; Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, [...]

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Website Pruksa Real Estate PLC. Pruksa Real Estate Plc. was founded by Mr.Thongma Vijitpongpun on April 20, 1993, with the initial registered capital of Baht 50 million. It concentrates on developing projects for townhouses, single-detached houses and condominiums. Mr Thongma Vijitpongpun, the founder, had brought his experience and expertise in construction from government [...]

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Website Singha Estate PLC Singha Estate Public Company Limited was formerly known as Rasa Property Development Plc. The Company was founded on August 14, 1995, under the former name of “Panichpoom Pattana Company Limited” with an initial paid-up capital of Baht 10 million. The main objective was to engage in property development [...]

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Website Siamese Asset Company Limited Siamese Asset Company Limited develops and sells residential projects in Thailand. The company is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Their goal is to be the most trusted property development company that delivers "Assets of Life" to their customers with cheaper price tag than other property development companies [...]

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