What is the Foreign Exchange Transaction form?

The Foreign Exchange Transaction (FET) Form (also known as Thor Tor 3), is an official document prepared under the Bank of Thailand (BOT) regulations to report foreign currency exchange transactions in Thailand. This document is evidential proof that foreign currency is used to purchase assets like property in Thailand. The FET form is only issued [...]

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What Are The Risks When Buying A Property In Bangkok?

Investing in Bangkok Properties is not always smooth sailing. We as investors of overseas properties must always understand and be aware of the various risks involved. Only when we understand and are comfortable with the risks then should we get committed to a purchase. And that is the very same exact reason why we started [...]

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1st Time Being A Landlord In Bangkok? 7 Things To Take Note.

In Bangkok, rental can be a bit confusing as there seems to be a lack of reliable online resources to guide landlords and tenants through the rental process. There are also no fix rules that apply, just standard practices. If your property is ready to let and this is your first time being a landlord [...]

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Ladprao – Phahon Yothin | New Transportation Hub and Area For Living

The Ladprao - Phahon Yothin area is fast becoming a popular area of residence. There are on-going developments that will give residents in this area access to rail transport and a multitude of lifestyle offerings. Let's take a look at the major developments that are driving growth in Ladprao - Phahon Yothin.   Ladprao MRT Interchange Currently, Ladprao [...]

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4 Important Considerations When Buying Resale Condo In Bangkok

When it comes to buying a condominium in Bangkok, investors can also consider getting a resale condo rather than a brand new one from the developer. There can be various reasons why one would consider buying a resale condo. It could be that a popular development is already fully sold and there are no more [...]

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Bangsue – Tao Poon Is Set To Become Thailand’s and Asean’s Transport Hub

The Bangsue station is set to become the central railway terminal for the two high-speed rail, including the northern line (to Chiang Mai) and the Bangkok-Hua Hin Line. Bangsue station will also become the center of the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). 21st December 2017: The construction of high-speed rail connecting Thailand and China has [...]

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An Introduction To T77 Also Known As Sansiri Town Sukhumvit 77

Getting To Know T77 Born of Sansiri’s dream of transforming Sukhumvit 77 into a rich lifestyle hub, the company’s latest megaproject development, T77 Community, delivers in spades. Located on an over-50-rai plot of land in the center of Sukhumvit 77, the project and its surrounding area provide a complete array of lifestyle activities and residential options. T77 Community [...]

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