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Who is Risland?

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Some clients have been asking us about this developer. While we are not 100% sure whether the information we have is accurate as of today, we believe that what we have to share in this blog article may be of use to those who are looking to purchase a property from Risland.

On LinkedIn, Risland is listed as a large-scale global real estate group headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in the United States, New Zealand, Thailand, India, and Vietnam. Risland delivers high-quality residential real estate projects, commercial real estate operations, property management, home building, construction management and diversified industry.

Risland started from Australia. Risland Australia is the name given to the entity by its parent company, Country Garden. Country Garden is a property development company based in Guangdong, China. It is one of the largest property developers in China. When compared to Evergrande, Country Garden is significantly larger. Evergrande has about 800 projects across China whereas Country Garden has over 3,100 projects. Country Garden, since 2007, has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

While Evergrande has filed for bankruptcy in New York and is facing severe cash flow problems, Country Garden, which has almost 4 times the number of projects only has liabilities that are 59% of Evergrande. That is not to say that all is rosy at Country Garden as China’s property market undergoes a deep correction.

While we are not totally sure whether the fortunes of the Chinese property downturn will affect Risland (Thailand), we believe that it would serve buyers to know that Risland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Country Garden.


So how can buyers protect themselves from uncertainty?

If you are a risk-averse buyer, perhaps this may not be the push you need to commit to your purchase regarding a project by Risland. Our take is to perhaps purchase the completed unit or if the development is under construction, to scrutinise the purchase documents carefully especially those pertaining to the land on which the development is sitting on. Is it mortgaged, are there other encumbrances? Always look for an experienced agent who can advise you accordingly. Every investment comes with a certain element of risk. However, as an investor, you need to be aware of all the risks associated before committing to the investment.


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