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NUE District R9

Noble Projects

What are the development attributes? 

NUE District R9 is a freehold condominium. It has a project area of 9,963.2 square meters and consists of two towers.

Tower R is a 33 floor, 550 unit residential block with 1 commercial unit on the ground level.
Tower 9 is a 44 floor, 891 unit residential block

The unit types are:
• 1 Bedroom M: 26.00 SQ.M.
• 1 Bedroom L: 30.20 SQ.M.
• 1 Bedroom Plus: 34.80 SQ.M.
• 2 Bedroom 1 Bath: 40.50 SQ.M.
• 2 Bedroom 2 Bath: 46.00 SQ.M.

Facilities include:
G Floor Area Approximately 7,100 sq.m.
(Open space 6,100 sq.m., Interior&semi-outdoor 1,000 sqm.)
Tower R: Moon Lobby, Mailroom with smart locker,
Laundry Pick-up Room, Delivery Pick-Up Room
Tower 9: Cloud Lobby, Mailroom with smart locker,
Laundry Pick-up Room, Delivery Pick-Up Room, Private Meeting Room
Reclined Garden, Serene Park (with shades playground, Fit club)
Juristic Person Office with parcel room
EV Charger Station – 10 stations

7th Floor Area Approximately 3,000 sq.m.
Open space 1,400 sqm., Interior & Semi-outdoor 1,600 sqm.)
Recreation Zone: Mellow Co-kitchen, Photography Studio, Recording Studio, Kids Club, Art Hub
Recharge Zone: Urban Yoga & Pilates, Golf Simulator, Harmony Park
Reinspire Zone: Synergy Space & Library, Private Focus Room
Revive Zone: Mingle Games Room(VR station, E-Sports, Pool table Lounge, Board Game), Private Spa Room, Styling Salon, Recess Garden

33rd Floor Tower R Area Approximately 755 sq.m. + Rooftop Garden 405 sq.m.
Rising Pool: 5×25 m. Lap Pool with Jacuzzi, Kids Pool, Shallow Pool, the Spiral connected
Sky Fitness, Surf Studio, Steam Room, Ivory Lounge, Rooftop garden, sky bridge

41st Floor Tower 9 Area Approximately 1,045 sq.m. + Rooftop Garden 495 sq.m.
Twilight Pool: 5×25 m. Lap Pool with Jacuzzi, Kids Pool, Shallow Pool, The Sunken Pavilion.
Energy Club (Gym), Live Training Studio, Steam Room, Indigo Lounge, Panoramic roof garden, sky bridge

Total Parking Space: 600 Parking Spaces
• 591 Parking Spaces On G, 2nd 6th FL. (15 Mechanical Parking Space On 6 th FL.)
• Handicapped Parking Space On Every Parking Floor
• Public/Taxi Parking: 6 Parking Spaces
• Garbage Car Park
• Ambulance Car Park (For Emergency: Only 2 Parking Spaces)

• 24-Hour CCTV
• Security System With Access Control By Face Scan and Keycard
• 24-Hour Security Officers
• Bluetooth Long Length Parking Access System


Where is this development located?

NUE District R9 is located next to Central Rama 9 and MRT Phra Ram 9. This area is a business hub with many large international companies like Unilever setting up their regional headquarters in the area. The Chinese embassy is also nearby and it’s one of the reasons why there is a large Chinese community in this area. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is within walking distance from this area. Next to the SET is AIA Capital Centre. It is about halfway from MRT Phra Ram 9 to MRT Thailand Cultural Centre.

There is a very large expatriate community in this area and the Chinese community frequents this area quite a fair bit! (No they don’t go to Chinatown… that place is generally for tourists).

The draw for this area is the connectivity. This is one MRT station away from MRT Thailand Cultural Centre which is going to be an interchange of 2 train lines. It is also one MRT station away from MRT Phetchaburi where it links with the Makkasan station which is on the Airport Rail Line which leads to Suvarnabhumi Airport.



Who is the developer?

The developer of NUE District R9 is Noble Development Public Co., Ltd. They are a publicly listed developer on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Their other notable projects include Noble Ploenchit and Noble Revolve Ratchada. Our company has dealt with many of their developments over the past few years.


How do I get the brochure and the latest price and availability list?

You can contact us at:

Shawn Chew 周肖恩
Mobile Number: +66 63 446 0301 (Call, SMS, WhatsApp)
Line ID: shawnbkk
WeChat ID: shawnbkk

Kevin Yeo 杨家晖
Line ID: kevinyeo
WeChat ID: chokobo82
Email: [email protected]

Daryl Lum 林文忠
Mobile Number: +66 66 112 8862 (Call, SMS, WhatsApp)

Corporate website of Bkk Gongyu Co., Ltd:


What are your thoughts about this project? (Maximum 10 ⭐s)



In the past, properties around the Rama 9 area were extremely overpriced. This was due to the fact that the Super Tower was slated to be built. However, ever since the Super Tower was cancelled, the prices of properties in this area have fallen. Demand for rent along this stretch of road is still strong and represents a decent return on investment if you were to purchase a unit in NUE District R9 to have it rented out. Previously, prices in the area were south of THB250,000 per square meter. Expectations have tapered somewhat and you will be purchasing a very decent development at less than THB150,000 per square meter. Considering the developer and the facilities which are slated to be included in the development, this should be a very decent deal.



For those who are looking to purchase a property for retirement, this is perhaps not the best location, hence… please look away. This development is in an extremely busy area. The office crowd is extremely huge on workdays. You will typically have to queue to get into the popular restaurants in the malls around NUE District R9. There are many tourists around the area. The Chinese expatriate community is also very significant in this area. All the elements that make this a bad place for retirees make it a good place for property investors. Rents are strong and NUE District R9 is located right next to MRT Phra Ram 9 and Grand Central Rama 9. The location is top-notch. It did not score much higher on the scale due to the fact that this area feels extremely cluttered to us.



Our company has dealt with many of Noble Development’s properties. They usually hand over the project as advertised. Their finishing is typically well done and artists rendering of the final product is usually close to what is delivered. We have had little to no issues with the developer’s products. They are one of the more established developers in Bangkok.



If you are looking for a great deal on a well-located property in Bangkok, now is perhaps the prime time to make your move. This is a project that you should be considering.


Yours sincerely,

The editorial team at Invest Bangkok Property


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