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What Are The Roles Of A Juristic Person In Bangkok Condo? | Ask Us Anything EP 16

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Question: What Are The Roles Of A Juristic Person In Bangkok Condo?



Who is a juristic person?

A Juristic Person is someone who sits in the condo management office a.k.a the juristic office. While their primary purpose is to take care of all things related to the upkeep of the condominium, they can also provide value-added services to the individual property owners.

For example, if you are a foreigner owning 1 of the units in the condo, you can get the juristic person to assist with the paying of the utility bills.

They are also in charge of informing all property owners of any impending general meeting and to facilitate the meeting.

If you are keeping the property as a holiday home, you may also choose to leave 1 set of keys with the juristic person. When you plan to stay over in Bangkok, you can then get them to arrange for 1 round of general cleaning before you arrive. (subject to cleaning fees)

In summary, besides fulfilling their primary role of upkeeping the auxiliary facilities of the condominium, they also double up as a concierge.


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