Question: How Do I Pay Monthly Maintenance And Utility Bill For My Bangkok Condo?



You as the property owner will be billed for electricity and water monthly. The bill will be dropped inside your letterbox.

There are 2 ways to go about paying your utility bills.

  1. Set up a GIRO account so the bills are automatically deducted from your bank account monthly.
  2. Engaged the help of the juristic person to help pay for your bill monthly.

The 2nd option is commonly used by a lot of property owners. The juristic person will help you retrieve the utility bills from the letterbox and pay on your behalf. In order for that to happen, you will first need to deposit a certain amount of monies with the juristic office so they can use this money to help pay your utility bills.

Do note that they will only help you with your electricity and water bills. Should you require their help to pay for other bills such as the internet, you will have to make known to them.

A small administrative fee may be chargeable for this service. It will vary from condo to condo.


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