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[BREAKING NEWS] The LINE Sathorn is cancelled?

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We just received news that The LINE Sathorn by Sansiri is cancelled. We were informed of this by a Sansiri staff member and we are in the midst of contacting all our clients who had purchased The LINE Sathorn from us back in 2017. We were told that Sansiri would refund the monies paid with interest or buyers could purchase another project with an attractive discount.

The LINE Sathorn was a very popular project as it is located right next to Surasak BTS Station, right in the heart of the Sathorn financial district. The LINE Sathorn was supposed to be located right next to The Diplomat Sathorn. This was one of the developments which we were looking forward to completing and we are a tad disappointed that it may not be completed.

Here is a construction update which we did back in December 2018.

We are still receiving details of the compensation offer from Sansiri. To all those who had purchased through us, we will be contacting you and we will assist you to get this resolved. We do not have firm details but we thought that it would be a responsible thing for us to put this out so that you would hear it from us before reading it from some other source. Let us get back to everyone once things have become clearer.

Yours Sincerely,

The team at Invest Bangkok Property



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