Question: Can foreigners buy landed property in Thailand?


Strictly speaking, foreigners can only own condominium units in Thailand. Landed properties are reserved for the Thai locals.

However, some foreigners have worked around this by buying landed property under a nominee structure. They create a Thai company with a nominee Thai director and with this company, they proceed to purchase landed property with it.

However, we strongly discourage anyone from taking this route. The intent of the Thai government is clearly to allow only the Thais to purchase a landed property.  By taking advantage of this loophole, you run the risk of running afoul with the Thai government.

Foreigners, however, are allowed to get landed property on long-term leases.

In conclusion, foreigners are NOT ALLOWED to buy landed property in Thailand. As a foreigner, you should stick to buying condominium where you can legally own the property without encumbrances.


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