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Why Thailand Is A Better Investment Destination Compared To Others in S.E.A |Ask Us Anything EP 21

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Question: Why Thailand Is A Better Investment Destination Compared To Others in S.E.A



Here at Invest Bangkok Property, we never stated that Bangkok was the best property investment that investors could make in South East Asia or even the world.

It is not our job to convince you that Bangkok is the best possible investment destination. And you will always hear of promises of higher returns or yields from other countries such as Vietnam or Cambodia.

There is no sure way to know which investment returns will yield you the highest returns. For us, we are most comfortable putting our monies in Bangkok apart from Singapore.

If you think likewise, our Invest Bangkok Property Portal will help you decide where are the good places to invest in Bangkok.

We have personally bought properties in Bangkok and made money from it. But do take note that there are also people who have lost money investing in Bangkok properties. Likewise for counties like Malaysia or Vietnam.

We chose Bangkok because we are familiar with the Bangkok property market. It is a nice place to stay and Bangkok attracts a lot of tourists and people wanting to live and work here. We personally know of a lot of friends who have come over to Bangkok to do business as well. By speaking with them, we further understand the pull of Bangkok as well as the potential this place has to offer.

There is no end to comparison but if you also see potential in Bangkok as we do, we are here to help you choose a good property to invest in.

We do not advocate putting all your eggs into one basket but we do strongly encourage that you consider Bangkok as a possible investment destination.


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