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Who are the main overseas buyers of Thai property?

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The Chinese property investors make up the most number of buyers for Thai property. Popular online Chinese real estate portal stated that Thailand was the most popular country in the world when it comes to inquiries from potential real estate buyers in 2018. Thailand was sixth in 2016. The total amount of money that the Chinese invested in Thailand property in 2018 was USD$2.3 billion.

A few things to take note:

  1. The demand for Thai property mainly comes from the Chinese seeing Thailand, and mainly Bangkok, as key in its One Belt One Road plan.
  2. Most Chinese buyers are unconcerned about the outcome from the upcoming election.
  3. The end of military rule is likely to improve investor sentiment. Trade deals were stalled during military rule. For example, talks with the European Union should resume once a democratic government is elected.
  4. Beijing’s trade dispute with the U.S. should increase foreign direct investment from mainland China and Hong Kong.


Here is a useful news article from CNBC which we referenced from:

Chinese investors are spending billions on Thai property despite a turbulent political scene


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