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What is The Third Place?

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Many clients have been asking us about The Third Place. Many have been hearing about it and reading about it in the Bangkok media but few truly understand the actual concept or even know what it is.

Well for starters, it is actually called 101 The Third Place and it is developed by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), which is one of Bangkok’s largest developers. It all stems from the True Digital Park project and 101 The Third Place is part of it. Quoting Ms Srisanguansakul, SVP of Commercial and Retail at MQDC, “101 The Third Place is a lifestyle complex within Bangkok’s integrated True Digital Park Complex”.

For the unacquainted, the True Digital Park project is South East Asia’s largest Digital Hub and falls in place with the government’s “Thailand 4.0” plans. Thailand 4.0 is an economic model which aims to push Thailand towards digital innovation and towards the vision of becoming a digitally smart nation. This is why this project is so interesting. It is not done by a developer alone but it is in conjunction with the direction of the Thai government. True Digital Park will be Southeast Asia’s largest startup campus and will host one of Thailand’s largest co-working spaces. Just next to it will be 3 high rise condominiums by MQDC, Wizdom Connect (673 units), Wizdom Essence (664 units) and Wizdom Inspire (554 units). 101 The Third Place is the retail and lifestyle portion of this project.

Major companies have already set up their offices in True Digital Park. For starters, Google Academy, Huawei, WeWork and Ricoh have moved into True Digital Park. More will follow suit as the park takes shape. It was only recently opened at the end of 2018 but much of it is already in operation.

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If you have been following our articles and YouTube channel, we have been advocating that the end line for property investment should be at perhaps On Nut BTS Station. This being Punnawithi and beyond On Nut, is an exception. We really do think that if buyers were looking at this area, they should only consider the three condominiums that are part of True Digital Park. For starters, there is a covered walkway to Punnawithi BTS Station and residents of the three condominiums have complimentary access to the co-working space in The Third Place. The condominiums are barely 10 to 20 metres away from The Third Place and the offices in True Digital Park. The whole Digital Park is developed by MQDC which also develops the condominiums and if investors would like to take advantage of these then they should buy into the ecosystem.



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