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What Are The Risks When Buying A Property In Bangkok?

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Investing in Bangkok Properties is not always smooth sailing. We as investors of overseas properties must always understand and be aware of the various risks involved.

Only when we understand and are comfortable with the risks then should we get committed to a purchase. And that is the very same exact reason why we started

Our aim is to empower would-be investors with the knowledge to make a discerning investment decision. Rather than be rushed into buying because of hype or over promises.

Risks are across the board and there are no investments that have no risk at all.

In this video below, we share what are the risks you have to be aware of when buying a property in Bangkok. And how you can potentially mitigate them.



Some of the points covered are:

  • Exchange Rate Risk
  • Political Risk
  • External Risk
  • Recession Risk
  • Scam Risk
  • Non Completion Risk
  • Late Completion Risk
  • Defects Risk
  • No After Sales Support Risk
  • Other Risks

We hope this explainer video will give you more clarity in your investment decision. If you have got further questions, please feel free to leave a comment or you can contact us at [email protected] and [email protected].


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