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Things to take note BEFORE buying Aspire Asoke Ratchada

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We have been asked on countless occasions about a particular project called Aspire Asoke Ratchada. We have always made it a point to visit the actual site and show flat of the various projects before recommending them to our clients. This particular project, Aspire Asoke Ratchada, is being marketed very aggressively by the various marketing agencies around the world. We would like to highlight a few things to potential buyers.

  1. The location is not at the site of the sales gallery. The sales gallery is opposite the Unilever headquarters which is close to Phra Ram 9 or Rama 9 MRT Station. Instead, the actual location of the project is within a small narrow alley. According to Google Maps, the walk will take at least 24 minutes and will cover about 1.9 kilometres to get to Phra Ram 9 MRT Station.

    The walk from Phra Ram 9 MRT Station to Aspire Asoke Ratchada


  2. The area is in a very small and narrow soi. If you were to attempt to view it via street view, you will not be able to see the site. The lane is narrow and can perhaps only accommodate one vehicle at any given moment.

    The small alley leading to the project


  3.  The once herald Super Tower is not going to happen. The past few years have been all about many agencies selling the idea of a Super Tower being built at Rama 9. The truth is that after a feasibility study was done, the tower was deemed to be unprofitable and thus it was scrapped. In its place, an integrated hotel and office buildings should be built although plans have yet to be finalised.
  4. The project is not near Asoke BTS Station which is next to Terminal 21 on the BTS line. It is also not along Asoke or Ratchada.
  5. The project may seem cheap as compared to other projects in the Rama 9 area but we would urge buyers to think whether there will be demand for that particular area. We should not think of prices as cheap but instead, focus on prices that are fair.
  6. We would think that there would be more potential one stop north from Phra Ram 9 BTS Station. Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station is going to be the intersection of two MRT lines, the existing Blue MRT Line and the upcoming Orange MRT Line. Furthermore, the Chinese embassy is located close to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station as well as the AIA Tower and the Stock Exchange of Thailand. If you would like to learn about up and coming locations in Bangkok, you can take a look at this article:


We urge buyers to do their own due diligence. Making a trip down to see a property should be the least that you can do. If not, do take a look at any videos online about the location and do ask the agent that is marketing the property to you to show you a video of the walk to the nearest train station. This should not be for Aspire Asoke Ratchada alone but for all properties.

Yours Sincerely,
The Invest Bangkok Property editorial team

P.S. we have a video of the drive to the actual site.


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