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[Property Review] The Line Wongsawang by Sansiri

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Ever since the MRT Purple Line is connected seamlessly with the MRT Blue Line, the land prices along the Purple Line has surged due to increased demand for housing.

The Purple Line connects the population from the Nonthaburi District to Bangkok city center. The Nonthaburi District is one of the highest densely populated region in Bangkok.  Due to the relatively attractive entry price and the ease of staying near family, the white collared Thais are gradually shifting to the housing along the Purple Line.

Tao Poon Interchange. The connecting point between purple and blue MRT line.


Sansiri, one of the top developer in Thailand, has traditionally developed condominiums along the Silom and Sukhumvit BTS line. For the first time, Sansiri has decided to launch a new high-end condominium project on the boundary between Bangkok and its suburbs, such as Nonthaburi.

This is a great opportunity for people in Nonthaburi and North Bangkok to own a high-end condominium.

Presenting to you The Line Wongsawang by Sansiri. 

The Line Wongsawang by Sansiri


The Location

Having been to the neighborhood personally, Wongsawang has got a laid-back feel. For people who wish to avoid the crowd, this is a good place to stay. Yet, it is still very accessible to city center.

See Also: Videos of our site visit to The Line Wongsawang

Perhaps, the greatest buzz that is going on around this area is the upcoming Asean Business Hub cum High-Speed Rail Terminal at Bangsue.

Bangsue is only 3 stations away from Wongsawang. And over there, a mega project called Bangsue Grand Station is now under construction.

The High-Speed Rail linking from China down to Bangkok will terminate at Bangsue. Once fully operational, the place will see an estimated 300,000 passengers daily. Thailand is poised to become the Asean business and logistics hub. And Bangsue will be the place where it all happens.

Bang Sue Grand Station Under Construction


The Line Wongsawang is only 200 meters away from Wongsawang Train Station


The Line Wongsawang is just a short drive away from many offices and universities.


The purple MRT will be further extended. The New Parliament Complex is mere minutes away from The Line Wongsawang.


The Line Wongsawang Aims To Be The Best Condominium In The Neighborhood.

If you look around, most condominiums along the Purple MRT line are developed in the simplest manner possible. Catered for the mass market, the facilities and finishings are average at best.

The Line Wongsawang aims to stand out from the rest. Sansiri being Sansiri, they go the extra mile to deliver quality to you. In other words, Sansiri is bringing Sukhumvit luxury quality to the Wongsawang neighborhood. That being said, do not attempt to compare the prices of The Line Wongsawang with the surrounding developments. For sure the entry price will be higher. The richer Thais from the North-West district would want to own a unit at The Line Wongsawang.

The closest comparison to The Line Wongsawang would be Aspire Wongsawang,  which is just right next door. However, The Line is less dense compared to Aspire. Also in terms of quality, The Line will be a notch above Aspire.

For owner or tenant looking for a high-quality condominium in the area, The Line Wongsawang would be a natural choice.

The layout of the building is designed to get good air in every room. Units on the high floor will get a beautiful unblocked city view.

Beautiful landscaping with walking trails and outdoor excercise areas.

The 5 meter high ceiling grand lobby, lavishly decorated with wood and marble.

Romantic atmosphere in the sky lounge. Awesome place to hang out with your friends.

Sky cinema (Screening room), equipped with Bose’s high-quality home theatre system.

Co-kitchen space An exclusive area for outdoor parties. There is BBQ area, which uses SMEG’s BBQ kitchen, separated from other facilities for privacy. With seating and evening party area.

This development does come with a 50 meters lap pool.

Gym on the 9th floor with a view.

4.3 meter ceiling height co-working space. A feature which is a must have for milenials.

I seldom see this but yes. A futsal court!

The property will come fully fitted. You just need to bring your luggage!



The Line Wongsawang is suitable for people with medium-high income and prefers staying in a quiet neighborhood. It is for people who demand the finer things in life and who want to live in a quality development.

It may be the people who have been living or working in Bang Sue, Nonthaburi and even in the city. People who may be buying a second home to stay separately yet close enough to their family by the train.

For now, I would expect the majority of the tenant mix to be Thais, with expatriates making up a small percentage. This should change with the completion of the Bang Sue Grand Station.

It is also likely that the majority of the buyers would be for own stay.

Rental Demand

If you are looking at The Line Wongsawang as an investment, you will be happy to know that condominium next door Parkland Wongsawang is fully tenanted. When I visited, I was told I have to be on the waiting list to rent. This is understandable as there is a lack of quality housing in the area.

Current rent for a 1 bedroom is about THB 12,000 – THB 15,000 per month. Being newer and of better quality, I would expect The Line Wongsawang to rent higher.

Investment Upside

Truth be told, ever since the Purple MRT line started, land prices have appreciated. Investors are starting to zoom into this area as a new investment hotspot.

The biggest draw will be the high-speed rail from China which will terminate at Bangsue. This is all part of the impact of the One Belt One Road initiative. In order to see a meaningful upside, you will have to wait for the completion of the Bangsue Grand Station.

This reality is in fact not too far away. The station is expected to be completed in phases starting from 2019.

Click here to understand the development and impact of Bangsue Grand Station

The Line Wongsawang is completing in middle of 2018. This is an investment that can quite immediately start giving you rental returns.

The launch is happening 10th March 2018. Prices start 1.99MB.

To find out more, visit The Line Wongsawang Developer Official Website to download the brochure and price list.

Our team visited the actual site of The LINE Wongsawang. For the videos and photos of the site visit, click here.



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