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The land prices along the Wattana Road are expected to rise

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In 2010, Thailand relocated 29 administrative and judicial departments to the Chaeng Watthana Government Complex, and property prices in Chaeng Wattana have risen.

In the past few years, chaeng watthana road has witnessed the opening of Central Chaeng Wattana Mall, Index Living Mall, Big C, Tesco Lotus, and Makro Hypermarket. The resident population has been rising year by year; at the beginning of this year, the Thai government announced that it was connecting the government’s administrative center to the pink line in the territory of Minh Buri. Construction to commence this year. Wattana Road will welcome an unprecedented golden period of development.

Located in the north of Bangkok, Chaeng Watthana Road is 8 kilometers long and is adjacent to Don Muang Airport on the west. It is adjacent to the Chao Phraya River to the east with three expressways running through it. The government spent 20 billion baht in 2005 to build a 929,800 square meter administrative center here. Five years later, tens of thousands of civil servants who work here have driven the demand in the local housing market and created many business opportunities. Many shopping malls, hypermarkets, snack bars and massage shops have opened one after another to form a community with good living amenities.

Real estate analysts pointed out that Chaeng Watthana Road is close to the administrative center of the government and is also close to the Don Muang Airport and Impact venue center; Don Muang Airport has direct flights to major cities in China and is the gateway for many Chinese tourists to enter and leave the country.

“The surge in Chinese tourists in the past three years has resulted in a higher occupancy rate for hotels in the Chaeng Watthana area. The owners of the apartments that make the apartments into Air BNB rooms have benefited greatly.”

Real estate analysts believe that the MRT pink line, which starts at the Nonthaburi Civic Center and ends at Min Buri via Watthana Road, is about to start construction and is expected to stimulate housing prices and land prices along the route.

The center of MRT pink line is at Si Rat Station and Muang Thong Thani Station on Chaeng Watthana Road; Si Rat Station is next to Makro Shopping Mall. Within 2 km radius, there are Central Shopping Center, Index Living Mall, Tesco Lotus and Big C Shopping Mall. This is largely considered as the central area of Chaeng Watthana.

The Noble NUE Chaeng Wattana project was promoted by developer Noble last month. It was 0 meters away from the Si Rat MRT station and was next to the Makro shopping mall. The response from the Thai buyers was overwhelming.

“This shows that the Thai people are very confident in positive Wattana, and in the potential sharp rise in property prices after the opening of the MRT.”

Located at the upcoming Sirat MRT station, there are 2 shopping malls and 3 hypermarkets within a radius of 2 kilometers.

For more information on the launch of Noble NUE Cheang Wattana, visit the official developer sales website.




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