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Thailand’s Prime Minister has ambitious plan to attract Thai professionals back

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Driven by a desire for his sons’ return, PM Srettha aims to amplify the government’s broader agenda for a prosperous Thailand.


His appeal to his sons abroad serves as a heartfelt connection underlying a larger mission. This personal approach intends to resonate with Thai expatriates globally, fostering a collective aspiration to reconnect with their home country.


During a formal address to the Thai community in the United States, the 61-year-old Prime Minister outlined a roadmap to entice skilled professionals back to Thailand. Central to this strategy is the Land Bridge, a significant project connecting Ranong province to Chumphon. PM Srettha views this infrastructural endeavor not only as a physical link but as a means of economic revival.


The Land Bridge initiative is envisioned as a catalyst, propelling Thailand into a new era of economic prosperity. It promises not just infrastructure development but also an improved quality of life, making the idea of returning more appealing for skilled expatriates.


The Bangkok-born PM emphasized the government’s steadfast dedication to enhancing Thailand’s global standing, citing significant projects like the Land Bridge as evidence of the nation’s commitment to international competition, as reported by Thailand Business News.


Furthermore, PM Srettha highlighted Thailand’s commitment to addressing global challenges during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Retreat. This includes a focus on multilateralism, climate change initiatives, and the promotion of the Bio-circular and Green (BCG) Economy. This commitment signifies not only economic progress but also a dedication to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


In related news, the PM engaged with Thai students at Stanford University, encouraging them to consider returning to work in Thailand. He expressed optimism about leading companies investing in the nation and offering employment opportunities in the future.


“In the upcoming period, the establishment and expansion of reputable businesses in Thailand would facilitate the return of students residing overseas, presenting distinct advantages. The recent visit to Stanford University, renowned globally for its academic excellence, aimed to underscore the government’s earnest commitment to catalyse substantial investments.


“This endeavor intends to generate employment prospects, encouraging Thai students abroad to come back and play a pivotal role in the nation, thus securing a brighter future for Thailand.


“The government’s role is to instill in students the promising prospects Thailand offers. We endeavor to comprehend and persuade students studying abroad to consider returning to contribute to Thailand’s workforce. Should numerous reputable companies choose to establish and expand their operations in Thailand in the near future, it would encourage the return of students residing abroad, resulting in advantageous outcomes.”


The prime minister’s visit to Stanford University aimed to emphasize the government’s authentic commitment to fostering substantial investments, consequently creating job opportunities for Thai students abroad, as reported by Sanook.


“We aim to demonstrate that this government genuinely seeks to encourage substantial investments that will provide job opportunities for Thai students abroad, enabling them to return and play a crucial role in the nation, ensuring a more promising future in Thailand.”


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