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Thailand to finalize plans to allow foreign visitors into the kingdom by October

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Thailand is planning to reopen its borders to long term foreign visitors by the end of October in a bid to revive its tourism sector and save millions of jobs.

According to Thosaporn Sirisumphand, Thailand’s secretary of the Center for Economic Situation Administration, a plan is to be submitted to the government for approval and it includes allowing foreign visitors to come through Thailand’s international airports provided they do a mandatory 14-day quarantine at the port of entry before they are allowed to travel freely.

Thailand relies heavily on tourism and its economy is facing one of its worst economic contractions as it is expected to shrink by about 8.5% this year. Thailand’s hospitality and tourism sectors are relying on the return of international tourists, which made up about two-thirds of tourist dollars before the pandemic, to help alleviate the situation.

Recently a plan to open up Phuket to foreign tourists was delayed. There is hope that this latest effort will come through.

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