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Thailand eases international flight ban

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Thailand has eased a ban on international passenger flights into the country on the 1st of July 2020. It had earlier imposed the ban on the 4th of April.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand will permit international passenger flights to operate into Thailand carrying 11 permitted categories of passengers:

  1. Thai nationals
  2. Persons with an exemption or persons being considered, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister, or the head of responsible persons accountable for resolving state of emergency issues to enter the Kingdom, as necessary. Such consideration, permission or invitation may be subject to specified conditions and time limits.
  3. Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents, or children of a Thai national.
  4. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid certificate of residence, or permission to take up residence in the Kingdom
  5. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid work permit or are allowed to work in the Kingdom, including their spouse or children.
  6. Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return after completion.
  7. Crew members who are required to travel into the Kingdom on a mission, and have a specified date and time for return.
  8. Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institutions approved by Thai authorities, including the parents or guardians of the students.
  9. Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand, and their attendants. However, this shall not include medical treatment for COVID–19.
  10. Individuals in diplomatic missions, consular affairs, international organizations, government representatives, foreign government agencies working in Thailand, or individual in other international agencies as permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including their spouse, parents, or children.
  11. Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country.

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