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[Site Visit] Circle 11 by Fragrant Property

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Back in 2013, some clients purchased Circle 11 by Fragrant Property. In general Fragrant Property has been handing over projects to buyers. There were delays in some of their projects. Circle 11 was supposed to be completed in end 2017 but there are some delays to the project. I decided to head over to the site to take a look at the progress of the development.

This is the promotional video of Circle 11 by Fragrant Property.

This is the Circle 11 site in January 2018.

This is Sukhumvit Soi 11 where Circle 11 is located. This is an extremely good location. Truly in the heart of Bangkok.

Projects by smaller developers like Fragrant Property do periodically encounter hiccups. Delays happen from time to time. I have personally sold a wide variety of Bangkok properties over the years and although such delays are rare, they are unfortunate and unpleasant. My own unit from another development was also delayed but I got the unit eventually. Buyers can seek certain recourse but this is a hassle. Usually, the large developers will not encounter such delays as they have the financial might to ramp up construction to meet deadlines. This is why I encourage buyers to buy from larger developers like Sansiri.

Yours Sincerely,
Daryl Lum


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