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Singapore and Thailand to Strengthen Civil Service Collaboration

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The foreign ministers of Singapore and Thailand have confirmed that enhanced collaboration between their civil services will strengthen bilateral relations and promote regional growth.


Speaking at the 14th Civil Service Exchange Programme (14th CSEP) on Wednesday, co-hosted by the foreign affairs ministries of both countries, they emphasized the importance of exchanging knowledge and best practices among civil service officers.


They underscored that joint efforts among these agencies would fortify their relationship and contribute to regional development and ASEAN stability.


Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s foreign affairs minister, remarked that the current global landscape is more fragmented than when the CSEP was first established, citing the Russia-Ukraine war, the Hamas-Israel conflict, tensions in the Pacific and South China Sea, and the US-China rivalry—both of which are crucial partners for Singapore and Thailand.


In addition to these geopolitical issues, there is also growing domestic and political resistance to free trade and a liberal economic model worldwide.


Despite these challenges, both Southeast Asian nations have experienced significant economic progress over the past six decades, with maturing GDP growth rates and economies, Balakrishnan noted.


However, he stressed that the traditional economic growth strategies and forms of collaboration are insufficient to address the current global disruptions. Therefore, he proposed that Thailand and Singapore collaborate to address global conflicts and advocate for free trade, charting a unified course for ASEAN.


“We need Singapore and Thailand to also make common cause in this new world that is emerging,” he added.


Maris Sangiampongsa, Thailand’s foreign affairs minister, highlighted that Singapore is a key trading partner and the second-largest investor in Thailand.


Over 60 years of bilateral relations, both countries have pursued common goals of mutual peace and security for ASEAN, leading to the establishment of the bloc in 1967.


“Next year marks the 60th anniversary of Singapore-Thailand bilateral relations. We eagerly anticipate an official visit by the president and prime minister of Singapore to Thailand,” he said.


Source: Bangkok Post


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