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Should I Purchase Property From Developer Or Agency? | Ask Us Anything EP 5

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Question: Is there any difference between buying directly from the developer or through an agency? 


It may be a good idea to buy through the agency as they are usually also capable of assisting you with your after sales and rental after the property is completed.

The developer sales staff are there for solely one reason. To sell you the property of the show flat you are in. We would tend to think that they are less impartial.

We have got a lot of clients coming to us asking about a particular property in Bangkok only to discover better options available through our recommendations.

If both the developer and agency are getting you the same price for the property, it will be a better idea to find someone who is well versed with the Bangkok property market, responsive and has the ability to provide after-sales service.

It will make your life a lot easier in time to come.


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