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Khun by Yoo by Sansiri

Khun by Yoo by Sansiri. Located along Thong Lor Soi 12. This development is a luxury development in the heart of Thong Lor.

Khun by Yoo is a freehold condominium by Sansiri. It is located along Thong Lor Soi 12. It is located right in the heart of the high-so area of Thong Lor. It is very close to places like Iron Fairies and The Locker Room. This development is part of Sansiri’s luxury series. Buyers come from the wealthy and famous and there are a good mix of local Thais as well as foreign buyers. If you are looking for a property in a very good environment, upscale and with a lot of amenities, this property fits the bill.

Khun by Yoo Location Map

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