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Can I Make Money Investing In Condo Near Future BTS or MRT Stations? | Ask Us Anything EP 23

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Question: Can I Make Money Investing In Condo Near Future BTS or MRT Stations?



It is not guaranteed that buying a condominium near future BTS or MRT station will give capital appreciation in the future. In this video, the question we had from the viewer was investing in an upcoming BTS station that is rather far away. In fact, it will take 50 minutes to travel from Siam BTS.

Developers like to sell the story of potential price growth investing next to future train stations. Bangkok, however, is multiple times the size of Singapore and Hongkong. Not all BTS and MRT stations are created equal.

Investors are still encouraged to get the best possible location with their budget. That means not straying too far away from core central Bangkok. Make sure the neighborhood is supported by commercial activities as they are the drivers for urban development as well as real demand from expatriate tenants.

Or perhaps consider locations with a masterplan to be developed. An example would be the area around Bangsue Grand Station and or T77 Sansiri Town.


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