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Am I Required To Be In Bangkok For My Property Purchase? | Ask Us Anything EP 13

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Question: Am I Required To Be In Bangkok For My Property Purchase?


The answer is no. There is no need for the purchaser to be in Bangkok for the buying process.

The payment to the developer can be done via bank transfer in your residing country. As for the paperwork, the sales and purchase contract can be couriered to wherever you are. You can then sign the documents before sending them back to Bangkok.

The is neither the need to engage a lawyer as a witness nor the need for a notary public.

The only time you are required to be in Bangkok will be the day you are taking over the completed property from the developer.

For myself and Daryl, we do shuttle between Singapore, China, and Hong Kong rather often as we have a fair share of clientele from these countries. So it is often that we will meet up personally with our clients to deliver the sales and purchase contract to them.


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