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What is the difference between mass market and investment grade condo? | Ask Us Anything EP 10

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Question: What is the difference between mass market and investment grade condo?



There are 4 aspects to this question.



There are very specific locations where good quality tenants will want to stay. It is imperative that you know where these locations are.  Buying into wrong locations without proper tenant catchment area will cause you much headache. Naturally, to be considered an investment grade condo, the property has to be in the right locations. For example, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Chidlom, Sathorn, etc.


Density Of The Development

Most of the time, the better grades of condos typically have a lower density. This is also because of the greater exclusivity and larger sized units that are synonymous with luxury living. On the other hand, the mass market condo can be found having a high number of units squeezed into a small plot of land.


Quality Of Finishing

The quality of finishing between investment grade and mass market condo can be very distinct. From flooring to kitchen cabinets, the material used for investment grade condos is likely to be far superior. And it is rather common for investment grade condo to come fully furnished as it appeals to international buyers.


Condo Facilities

A lot of investment grade condos now come with fantastic facilities. This is important as the facilities are sometimes a deciding factor in your ability to attract good tenants or perhaps command a slightly higher asking rent. The mass-market condo is mostly sold to locals and the most important thing is affordability. Facilities may not be as comprehensive.


Not getting an investment grade condo may result in a lot of difficulties in renting or selling in the future.


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