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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Invest Bangkok Property WhatsApp Community

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Dear all,


We have started to use communities to disseminate messages. This will allow us to get announcements out to clients more efficiently. We need to harness the use of WhatsApp communities as our client list has grown to a size where we are unable to keep up with sending announcements to individual chats.


The WhatsApp community which we have set up will keep your number private. Only the admins, who are the team from Invest Bangkok Property, will be able to see your contact number. Other members of the community will not be able to see your contact number and similarly, you will not be able to see other members’ contact numbers.


Examples of the types of announcements which will be sent out in the community are as such:


1) Bangkok property news

2) Announcements like changes to any property-related rulings (for example, changes to property taxes and rulings like Thailand’s recent new ruling on foreign income remitted to Thailand by Thai citizens and foreign residents.)

3) Reminders to file notices and property and income taxes

4) New property launches and any good deals on the secondary market


If you see any announcement that you would like to know more about, you can contact any of the Community Admins through private messaging. The Community Admins list is located in Community Info. You can also contact the Invest Bangkok Property team via any group chat that you are in.


We will be shifting clients to the Invest Bangkok Property Community. If we have a WhatsApp group chat with you, we will still maintain that so that if you have any queries, you can message the team directly.


You can alternatively click this link to join the Invest Bangkok Property WhatsApp Community:


We welcome others to join the Invest Bangkok Property WhatsApp Community as well.


Do visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel at


Yours sincerely,
The client relations team at IBP Real Estate Co., Ltd.


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