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How To Select A Good Unit In A Development? | Ask Us Anything EP 7

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Question: How To Select A Good Unit In A Development? 


One of the things we share with our clients will always be to buy the highest floor possible. This is because when you decide to resell and you wish to ask for a higher price, it will be easier to justify. For a lower floor unit asking for a selling price higher than that of a higher floor unit, you will very likely be deemed overpriced.

Moreover, all thing being equal, a higher floor unit will also more likely to be able to secure a tenant easier than the lower floor units.

You might also want to be aware of certain floor levels or unit numbers. Some buyers are rather superstitious and would want to avoid certain numbers. So if you wish to appeal to the largest possible pool of buyers, especially the Chinese, then do be aware of the unit selection.

13 is considered an unlucky number in Thailand.

Units at the corner or near the corner are more desirable because of the privacy it offers. Similarly, try to avoid units directly facing the lift lobby.

Last but not least, look out for unique features that may give you an edge because of the differentiating factors. Some example would be a balcony, lofts, etc.

You should also make an effort to doll up your unit so it can stand out from the rest. The cost of doing so is minimal but doing so can help give your property a wow factor.

We do get clients contacting us, asking us about how to go about selecting a good unit. We are happy to assist you in this aspect so do feel free to get in touch with us.


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