Dear Developers and Investment Firms…

We work with developers and investment firms to market their Bangkok properties to the rest of the world. We have two property companies based in Bangkok, Bkk Gongyu Co. Ltd and TRC Property Co. Ltd.

Bkk Gongyu Co. Ltd focuses on marketing primary stock from developers and investment firms to international clients.

TRC Property Co. Ltd focuses on aftersale matters like the resale and rental of Bangkok properties and property management.

Visit Bkk Gongyu Co. Ltd’s Corporate Website
Visit TRC Property Co. Ltd’s Corporate Website

Here is an introduction to our team…

Bkk Gongyu Co. Ltd was founded by four individuals, Shawn Chew, Agnes Lee, Kevin Yeo and Daryl Lum. Shawn Chew and Agnes Lee are based in Bangkok while Kevin Yeo and Daryl Lum deal with international clients from around the world. We are particularly strong with international clients from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. We have a wide international network with offices especially in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Here is what we do…

We run a popular YouTube channel with subscribers from around the world. We are focused on making engaging content and presenting the latest Bangkok property offerings to our channel subscribers. You can take a look at our YouTube channel at the link below.

Visit Our YouTube Channel

We also organise quarterly Bangkok Property Tours and our participants come from all over the world. These tours introduce participants to the latest Bangkok property offerings by various developers. For more information, you can visit our Bangkok Property Tour website.

Bangkok Property Tour

Our Bangkok Property Tours happen every March, June September and December. They are usually scheduled for the third week of the month. Here are some videos of the tours which we have conducted.

We also blog on Bangkok property matters like taxes and legal matters. We also do property reviews of the latest Bangkok property offerings.

Blog Articles and Guides

How we can work together…

We have been working with almost all of the major developers in Bangkok. In fact, our agency has often topped the sales charts for many projects. We have our own in house marketing and video production team as well as in house copywriters to produce videos and articles about the latest property offerings from the various developers in Bangkok. We do not work on an exclusive basis as clients approach us for our unbiased opinion and for the fact that we recommend properties based on attributes like prime location, sound developer and good quality of finishes. If you have a development with such attributes, our team would like to work with you to promote your property to our clients.

If you are keen to collaborate, do contact Daryl at [email protected].